The Story of Anna Sorokin: Where is She Now?


Anna Sorokin, also known as the “Soho Grifter,” captured the attention of the media and the public alike with her elaborate deception and extravagant lifestyle. Born in Russia, Sorokin moved to New York City with dreams of becoming a prominent socialite. However, her path took a dark turn as she engaged in a web of deceit, portraying herself as a wealthy heiress.

Sorokin’s story is not only intriguing but also raises questions about identity, fraud, and the consequences of one’s actions. After her trial and conviction, people have been wondering: where is Anna Sorokin now? In this article, we will explore the latest updates on Sorokin’s whereabouts and shed light on what transpired after her high-profile case. Let’s delve into the story of Anna Sorokin and discover where she is today.

Who is Anna Sorokin?

Who is Anna Sorokin?

Anna Sorokin, also known as the Soho Grifter, gained widespread attention for her audacious scheme to infiltrate New York City’s elite social circles by posing as a wealthy German heiress. Born in Russia in 1991, Sorokin moved to Germany at the age of 16 and later relocated to the United States.

Under the alias of Anna Delvey, she fabricated an extravagant lifestyle, complete with luxury hotels, private jets, and high-profile events. By presenting herself as a successful entrepreneur, Sorokin managed to secure loans, accommodations, and services worth hundreds of thousands of dollars – all based on false promises and forged documents.

The media quickly became fascinated with Sorokin’s story, as it highlighted the dark underbelly of New York’s elite society and the ease with which someone could deceive even those accustomed to wealth and privilege. Dubbed the “fake heiress,” Sorokin meticulously constructed a web of lies that seemed almost believable, fooling many into thinking she was a legitimate member of the upper class.

Sorokin’s deception began to unravel when she failed to pay her bills and her true identity came to light. In 2017, she was arrested and charged with multiple counts of grand larceny and theft of services, among other charges. Her highly publicized trial captivated audiences worldwide, as details of her elaborate con unfolded.

During the trial, it was revealed that Sorokin had defrauded various individuals and businesses out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, leaving a trail of unpaid bills and broken promises in her wake. The case shed light on the vulnerabilities within financial institutions and the challenges faced by law enforcement in combating sophisticated fraudsters.

In May 2019, after months of legal proceedings, Sorokin was found guilty on multiple charges, including grand larceny and theft of services. She was sentenced to four to twelve years in prison and ordered to pay restitution and fines amounting to nearly $200,000.

Sorokin’s story serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the consequences of greed and deceit. Her audacious actions not only impacted the individuals she defrauded but also exposed the gaps in our system that allow such schemes to occur. Despite the media attention surrounding her trial, Sorokin remains an enigmatic figure, leaving many curious about her current whereabouts and what the future holds for the Soho Grifter.

Anna Sorokin’s Trial and Conviction

Anna Sorokin’s Trial and Conviction

Anna Sorokin, famously known as the Soho Grifter, captivated the media and public attention with her audacious acts of deception. Born in Russia, Sorokin arrived in New York City in 2014 under the guise of being a wealthy German heiress. She immersed herself in the city’s elite social scene, portraying an extravagant lifestyle and rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous.

However, Sorokin’s fa├žade came crumbling down when her extravagant lifestyle caught the attention of those around her. In 2017, she was arrested and charged with multiple counts of grand larceny and theft of services amounting to nearly $275,000. This marked the beginning of a high-profile trial that would expose the extent of her fraudulent activities.

During the trial, the prosecution presented overwhelming evidence against Sorokin, revealing a meticulously planned scheme to defraud hotels, banks, and even friends. The sheer audacity of her actions mesmerized the courtroom as witnesses shared their encounters with the fake heiress. From luxury hotel stays without paying the bills to elaborate lies about her financial resources, Sorokin’s web of deception was unraveled one layer at a time.

The media frenzy surrounding the trial intensified as reporters delved into Sorokin’s background, unearthing more instances of her questionable behavior. It became apparent that her fabricated identity as a wealthy European heiress was just one part of a larger scheme to swindle money from unsuspecting individuals and businesses.

After weeks of compelling testimonies, Anna Sorokin’s fate lay in the hands of the jury. In May 2019, the verdict was delivered – guilty on multiple charges, including grand larceny and theft of services. The Soho Grifter had been convicted.

Sorokin’s conviction sent shockwaves through the socialite circles and sparked discussions about privilege, identity, and the lengths people go to fit into high society. Her case served as a cautionary tale, reminding everyone that wealth and status do not always equate to honesty and integrity.

With the trial over and her conviction secured, Anna Sorokin faced the consequences of her actions. The question on everyone’s mind now shifted to what would become of the Soho Grifter. Would she serve time in prison? And if so, for how long?

To find out more about Anna Sorokin’s imprisonment and subsequent release, continue reading the next section.

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Anna Sorokin’s Imprisonment

Anna Sorokin’s Imprisonment

Anna Sorokin, better known as the Soho Grifter, captivated the public with her audacious lifestyle and elaborate scams. However, her criminal activities eventually caught up with her, leading to a highly publicized trial and subsequent conviction. Following her conviction, Anna Sorokin was sentenced to imprisonment, marking a significant turning point in her life.

The Trial that Captivated the Nation

Anna Sorokin’s trial was nothing short of sensational. Dubbed the “Soho Grifter,” she had successfully posed as a wealthy socialite, defrauding numerous businesses and individuals. Her luxurious lifestyle and charismatic persona drew attention from the media and the public alike. The trial showcased the intricacies of her schemes and shed light on the extent of her fraudulent activities.

From Socialite to Inmate

After being found guilty on multiple counts, Anna Sorokin was sentenced to serve time in jail. Her incarceration marked a stark departure from the glamorous lifestyle she had once enjoyed. Behind bars, Sorokin faced the harsh realities of prison life, far removed from the glitz and glamour she had previously pretended to be a part of.

Adjusting to Life Behind Bars

Imprisonment forced Anna Sorokin to confront the consequences of her actions and adapt to a drastically different environment. Like any other inmate, she had to adhere to the rules and routines of prison life. The once high-flying socialite now navigated the challenges of shared living spaces, limited personal freedom, and daily routine.

Reflection and Rehabilitation

While serving her sentence, Anna Sorokin had ample time for introspection and self-reflection. Imprisonment provided an opportunity for her to reevaluate her choices and consider the impact her actions had on others. It also offered a chance for personal growth and potential rehabilitation.

Release and Reintegration into Society

With her release date approaching, questions arise about Anna Sorokin’s future and how she will reintegrate into society. Will she continue to face scrutiny and public judgment, or will she find a way to rebuild her life? The world awaits the next chapter in the Soho Grifter’s story, curious to see how she will navigate the challenges of starting anew.

As Anna Sorokin’s imprisonment chapter comes to a close, her story serves as a cautionary tale and a reminder of the consequences that accompany deceit and fraud. While her actions may have captivated the nation, it is essential to remember the victims affected by her crimes. Only time will tell what lies ahead for Anna Sorokin, the Soho Grifter.

Anna Sorokin’s Release and Current Status

Anna Sorokin’s Release and Current Status

After a highly publicized trial and conviction, many people are wondering about the current whereabouts of Anna Sorokin, also known as the Soho Grifter. Let’s delve into the details of her release and find out what she has been up to since her imprisonment.

Anna Sorokin’s Release

Anna Sorokin was released from prison on February 11, 2021, after serving her sentence for multiple charges, including grand larceny and theft of services. Her release came as a surprise to many, as she had gained substantial media attention during her trial and subsequent incarceration.

Following her release, Sorokin’s story continued to captivate the public’s curiosity. Speculations arose about whether she would return to her previous lifestyle or seek redemption in a different path.

Soho Grifter’s Current Whereabouts

In terms of her current whereabouts, Anna Sorokin has maintained a relatively low profile after her release. She has refrained from sharing much information about her post-prison life publicly. However, some reports suggest that she left New York City and may have relocated to Europe.

It is important to note that Sorokin’s story continues to intrigue and divide public opinion. Some view her as a cunning and manipulative fraudster, while others see her as a symbol of resilience who managed to navigate the elite social circles despite her fraudulent activities.

Legal Obligations and Future Plans

As part of her release, Anna Sorokin now faces certain legal obligations and restrictions. She has been required to pay restitution and fines totaling over $200,000. Additionally, she will be under supervised parole for a certain period, during which she must adhere to various conditions to ensure her compliance with the law.

Regarding her future plans, little is known about Sorokin’s aspirations or goals after her release. It is unclear whether she intends to lead a more private life, pursue new endeavors, or rebuild her public image. Only time will tell what lies ahead for the Soho Grifter.


Anna Sorokin’s release from prison has sparked curiosity about her current status and future plans. While she has managed to evade the media spotlight since her release, her story continues to intrigue the public. Whether she seeks redemption or chooses to fade into obscurity, Anna Sorokin’s journey serves as a reminder of the power of deception and the consequences it can bring.

Note: The content provided is based on the available information and should be treated as speculation, as there may be limited official updates on Anna Sorokin’s post-prison life.
Anna Sorokin’s story as the Soho Grifter has captivated audiences worldwide. From her deceptive rise as a fake heiress to her high-profile trial and subsequent conviction, Sorokin’s tale has been nothing short of sensational.

Throughout this blog post, we have explored the intriguing journey of Anna Sorokin and delved into her current status. We have learned about her past, the details of her trial, and the consequences she faced in the form of imprisonment.

As we wrap up this article, it is important to reflect on the significance of Sorokin’s story. Her case shed light on the dark underbelly of New York City’s elite social scene and exposed the vulnerabilities in our society’s trust and perception. It serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us to be vigilant and discerning in our interactions.

Now, the question remains: Where is Anna Sorokin today? After serving her time, she has reentered society with a newfound perspective and undoubtedly faces the challenges of rebuilding her life. Only time will tell how she will navigate this new chapter and what contributions she may make to the world.

Anna Sorokin’s story is a reminder that appearances can be deceiving and that the pursuit of wealth and status should not overshadow one’s moral compass. It urges us to critically examine the values and aspirations that drive us.

In conclusion, Anna Sorokin’s journey from deception to conviction is a fascinating tale that continues to captivate our collective curiosity. As we ponder the aftermath of her release, we are reminded of the importance of transparency, integrity, and accountability in our own lives. May this story serve as a reminder to stay true to ourselves and strive for authenticity in a world where appearances can often be misleading.

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